Saturday, February 27, 2010

No apologies necessary

Lemme get this straight -- The Canadian women's hockey team, after a stirring and emotional gold medal-winning performance against Team USA, was forced to issue a public apology for their postgame celebration, all because some photos of them were taken on the ice with -- gasp -- bottles of CHAMPAGNE and BEER, in front of an empty arena, no less.

Sports teams have been celebrating victories with champagne showers since, well, always. I've personally been splattered by the bubbly as a reporter in winning locker rooms on several occasions. But because this time, the celebrants were women, or "amateurs," that makes it bad enough to put a damper on the most exciting moment of their lives? Gimme a break. What a double standard. Our society needs to be a lot less uptight about things it shouldn't be concerned about.

Hopefully, we won't be hearing the same kind of garbage after the men's final should the celebration get a little "wild," no matter who wins. And tomorrow's USA-Canada finale has all the makings of an instant classic. Should be a great one.

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