Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back again

Just a quickie ... so much has happened since my last post, and in a way, a lot has stayed the same. More later ...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Like I've never been away

One of the first things they tell you about blogging (who are THEY, anyway?) is that if you haven't posted a blog entry in a while (or in my case, nine months), you shouldn't mention it or apologize for it - just pick up right where you left off, kind of like jumping back on your bike after falling off.

Well, a little easier said than done, considering that when I was 10, I fell off my bike and landed on my face, and it was years before I tried traversing on two wheels again. I digress, but not so much. While reviewing my previous blog posts, not a whole lot has changed. True, we have hope to believe in America again in the White House (more about that in a minute), but in many places, about the only change has been for the worse. The economy still sucks, the newspaper business has sunk further into the vortex of oblivion (my old paper the Newark Star-Ledger, recently let go 40 percent of its editorial staff), and what's left of the corporate media ("what happened to Caylee?) still blathers on.

Still, we battle on, trying to see the good in society and pray the new dawn of Obama can wake us up from our National nightmare. And while he's trying to stay on track and work toward accomplishing some of the things he campaigned on, the media has decided that NOW they will demand oversight and NOW put the president under the microscope.

For eight years, the corporate-owned media didn't say a word about the Bush regime. They stood by idly while the Constitution and our international reputation were being flushed. There was no oversight about whether there were WMDs in Iraq, or the Bin Laden memo before 9/11, or the 2000 election, or the 2004 election, or when Valerie Plame was outed, or when the levees broke, or when about 100 other instances chipped away at our country and what it used to stand for. About the only thing Bush succeeded in was his failure to utter one coherent sentence in eight years. And NOW the media wants to criticize the president?

I have to stop. I can feel my brain boiling.

On other, lighter notes ... does anyone really care that the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl? Or will you just be watching the game for the commercials? I probably won't decide who I'm rooting for until the game actually starts, when I'll feel myself pulling for one team over another ... there seem to be a lot of good movies out now, but I haven't seen any of them yet. We're planning to see "Rachel Getting Married" tonight. They say Anne Hathaway gives an Oscar-worthy performance. I got to interview her once when I was with the NBA -- she was really nice.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to pounding the pavement, trying to turn my PR consulting into a full-time gig in the Boston area. I'm trying to expand my network, and have even dove into the Social Media Sea. I'm active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, the latter of which I'm kinda disappointed in right now. More about that in my next post.